Welcome to On Point Acupuncture

On Point Acupuncture is run by Lily Sneade, an acupuncturist who has had an interest in acupuncture from a very early age as she witnessed its profound healing effects when receiving treatment for a life threatening illness. She continued to receive acupuncture to treat sporting injuries, and to optimise sports performance whilst training in martial arts and other sports. She now focuses her attentions on internal meditative practices to be able to offer her patients the best possible treatment.
Lily has a BSc Hons in TCM Acupuncture. She furthers her professional development by reading traditional texts, as well as cutting edge scientific research into acupuncture. She also attends additional short courses to further develop her knowledge and skill base. Lily is very passionate about acupuncture and is welcoming to anyone who is looking to live a happier healthier life. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) everything is viewed as interrelated; this dynamic approach to this health care is one of the reasons why it’s so highly effective, and has now been adopted into our health care systems in the West. Lily favours this holistic approach by not only acknowledging the person’s physical symptoms, but viewing the person as individual and as a whole, from the physical, to the emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s life.
On Point Acupuncture is dedicated to providing you a highly effective treatment. Each patient is treated as a unique individual and the treatment is tailored to suit your health needs. Dao to health and happiness.
To discover more about the effectiveness of acupuncture please visit www.acupuncture.org for current scientific research.
On Point Acupuncture is situated in North Wales United Kingdom (U.K). Lily Sneade  is working from established clinics in Anglesey and Llandudno.

You can contact Lily directly for all enquiries regarding acupuncture on 07495566128.