Chinese Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy dates back to ancient Egypt (1550 B.C.), China and Middle Eastern cultures. This treatment will involve the use of air vacuum cups on various acupuncture points to stimulate blood flow and remove stasis. Cupping can help to treat pain and inflammation, promote blood flow, draw out toxins and boost the lymph and immune systems. Cupping has become very popular within sporting circles as many athletes have experienced the benefits of the treatment.
The cups can be kept on the same point for a period of time, or moved up and down the back, depending on the treatment required. While cupping is considered relatively safe, it may leave small circular marks of bruising and swelling, however this is not a cause for concern, this is the blood vessels expanding at the surface of the skin enabling the release of toxins. The marks are indicative of a successful treatment and will disappear within a few days.
This form of treatment can be incorporated into either an acupuncture or a tui na treatment depending on the patients health needs.