How many Acupuncture treatments will I need? How long is your journey ….

How many treatments of acupuncture do I need?

This question is posed to me often, and understandably, we all want to know how long it will take before we get back to health. Many factors come into play, how many times will I need to come, how often and what is the cost?

The answers can be pretty vague because everyone is unique and individual. Some people heal quicker than others, and often the more chronic the condition, the longer it will take. Prevention is key! When you start to feel unwell, don’t ignore it, as it won’t always get better and chances are your condition will get worse if you don’t face the problem. Typically, in Chinese hospitals, patients are treated two to five times a week, and acupuncture can be scheduled as often as twice a day, or as little as once a month. From my experience acute conditions can usually be treated within 2-3 acupuncture treatments; however, chronic conditions which are present for over six weeks can take longer to fix. This is when a course of treatments is offered, and usually for a lower, more affordable price. I usually suggest six treatments to begin with and depending on the patient’s condition. I usually administer treatments up to twice a week for the first week. Once the symptoms begin to clear, and depending on the body’s needs, weekly treatments are then prescribed. This seems to get great results. People often witness impressive results after one treatment, which is great, but it doesn’t mean that the issue is fixed. It is a process and the body needs time to re adjust, to let healing take place for lasting results. Once we are in the process of healing, then the root cause can be treated. The root of any diseases is deep rooted and this can take time. It’s not a quick fix, but an investment in your health, and getting you back to feeling yourself again. It is very likely that you will continue to come for acupuncture treatments even after you are back to health, as acupuncture is a preventive medicine.

And what is meant by preventative? Well acupuncture balances you mind, body and soul, it gets everything running smoothly. Just like going to a garage for a service, we need things topped up, cleaned out and adjusted. So don’t be surprised if you feel as if you need a top up when your body isn’t running as efficiently as it could be.  I usually suggest patients come back when the seasons change, as people often can sense uncertainty and feel unsettled during these times. Traditional Chinese medicine theory includes the ideology that the five seasons are related to our organs and have specific elements: winter which is associated with the kidneys (water element), spring with the liver (wood element), summer the heart (fire element), late summer is the spleen (earth element), and autumn the lungs (metal element). Strangely enough and as hippy dippy out there as it sounds, acupuncture has very powerful points associated with these five seasons, which nourish the qi relating to the organs and elements, helping your body to adjust easily during seasonal transition. Because just like the plants and wildlife change throughout the year, we do also; and when we flow with this life force, that is when we sparkle and avoid ill health. Dao to Health and Happiness.

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