Moxibustion the Superb Herb

Moxibustion aka moxa is a fantastic treatment, it gives of an aromatic aroma and leaves you feeling cosy inside and outside of your body. I use it to treat cold conditions and those with yang deficiency. Moxa is made from mugwort, a herb that is mentioned in old sacred Chinese medical texts, and even the Anglo-Saxons used it as a magical protective herb. The herb moxa can be used during a treatment directly, indirectly, or semi-directly. Indirectly moxa punk is attached to the end of an acupuncture needle, or a moxa-needle-pic-bowlcigar-shaped roll formed of moxa is lit and moved over specific channels and acupuncture points. Used directly a small amount of moxa is placed on the skin and lit. Semi-direct moxa uses stick-on moxa which is applied directly onto specific points. All forms of moxa warm the channels and stimulate specific acupuncture points. I generally use moxa punk attached to the end of a needle and semi-direct stick on moxa in my practise.

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